Instagram Story Ideas for Realtors

Here are 5 timeless Instagram story ideas for realtors. Our eye is drawn to movement so adding a branded GIF will draw your audience in and build another brand touch point.

It takes an average of 8 touches with a new prospect to get a sale. GIFs are a great way to make sure your brand creates a touchpoint each time you post an Instagram story. 

  1. Rental Roundup - at the end of each month list all the rentals available to lease! This will give people a variety of listings to choose from and keep them coming back for more listings. 
  2. Open House - Everyone loves an open house! Make sure to share the time and location. Add a call to action to send a DM with any questions. This will build trust and help to qualify your prospects.
  3. Just Listed - Time to show off those new listing images! People are curious about what new homes are entering the market
  4. Closed - Time to celebrate! Highlight your win and add character with a branded GIF  
  5. Coming Soon - Nothing builds anticipation like a listing that's about to hit the market. Get your audience excited for a new home by teasing your next listing

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