Having fun with GIFs!

Social media is full of hacks to grow your account. There are tips on how frequently to post, how often to reply to comments, and what hashtags to use.

The most effective hack is to post and continue to post! You have followers who want to buy a houses and condos from you but you need to be top of their mind.

How do you stay top of mind?

Easy, you show up in instagram posts or stories. No secret hashtags or formula all you need to do is post.

So then what's the secret to posting?

Have fun doing it :) Don't think too hard. Just be yourself and get in front of the camera.

This is what brought Andrew to kick Tutto Properties instagram account with GIFs.

"Social media is all about having a good time for me. GIFs are an extension of that attitude. They are a natural way for me to add character and branding to my post without making it feel like work" - Andrew D.


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